/ Gentle Reformation

3GT Episode 302: Elementary or Circumstantial?

As the boys open up another episode of 3GT, they go about their common bantering to begin. But then they settle in to discussing the topic at hand, which is "What is the difference between elements and circumstances of worship? And why is it important?"

They begin by defining what are the necessary elements, or parts, of a worship service. They reference the Westminster Confession of Faith as well as the RPCNA Directory of Worship. They urge listeners to make sure they are familiar with their own church's standards for worship. From there, they then distinguish what circumstances of worship are. As they do, they then help listeners think through how circumstances relate to the elements and then apply the discussion to particular elements of worship such as preaching, praying, and the Lord's Supper. As they do, they also warn against the tendency to elevate circumstances to the place of elements, as it causes divisions and casts stumbling blocks before others.

As Jeremiah Burroughs says in his work Gospel Worship, "In matters of worship, God stands on small things." Listen to this latest episode of 3GT to see how the parts and surrounding pieces of worship are to fit together!