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3GT Episode 303: On Christian Nationalism with Colin Samul

In this episode, Kyle, Barry, and the other guy bring a special guest to help them with a controversial topic. Pastor Colin Samul joins the pastor, o the professor, and the other guy discuss his review of the book The Case for Christian Nationalism by Stephen Wolfe. 

They begin the episode by having Colin define nationalism, particularly Christian nationalism. This concept is differentiated from patriotism and fascism, as well as contrasted with the rabid, secular individualism of our modern day. Though Wolfe's book has received scathing reviews by people like Kevin DeYoung, Colin shares with Kyle, Barry, and the other guy a more balanced take on the book. He notes three positives in Wolfe’s work: 1) it promotes a national confession position without straying into transformationalism; 2) the book is based upon reformed, scholastic works; and 3) it supports governments upholding the moral law of God while resisting theonomy. Colin then shows how these positions have touch points with the doctrines of the RPCNA regarding the civil realm.

However, Colin tells the two cohosts and the other guy some of his concerns about the book. He points out an inconsistent anthropology with Reformed theology that roots mankind's ability to form nations despite its fallenness. Though not accusing Wolfe of promoting prejudicial forms of government, his views on ethnicity as it is tied to his understanding of nationalism are troublesome. Wolfe's position on the need of a Christian prince, almost calling for messianic figures to arise in nations to lead them in a Christian profession, differs significantly from Westminster's view of the civil magistrate.

In this election year, there is much food for thought on this episode of Three Guys Theologizing!