/ Gentle Reformation

3GT Episode 304: Practical Shepherding

After establishing Kyle‘s proper location and noting that Scott is wearing a pink sweater, the guys get down to the task at hand. What does it mean for elders to shepherd the flock of God?

As Elder Hunt is about to head into a session meeting, the 3GTers start there. What is the session and what goes on in those meetings? They define how the session is a court of the church under the lordship of Jesus Christ. They talk about the importance of overseeing the church in a way that represents the interests of Christ and caring for the people of God through wise decision-making and prayer. They explain how the elders are responsible for admitting members to the church and removing members when needed from the church. They interact about the voluntary nature of associating with the church and avoiding coercion in shepherding people. The guys then discuss how a great deal of shepherding is done informally, as elders come alongside the people to get to know them and show care for them in their daily lives. The guys then spend time speaking about how to create an environment where people can be helped in a church through difficult matters such as sin, conflict, and crisis.

This episode was designed to be practical. Did the Three Guys succeed? Only one way to find out! Tune in to this latest episode of 3GT!