/ Gentle Reformation

Episode 305: A Miscellany of Topics

For a funny reason, the guys get introduced as characters from Back to the Future such as Biff and Marty McFly, which is about the only theme that ties this episode together. For the guys take a break from their normal singular focus and discuss a variety of seemingly unrelated topics on this installation of 3GT.

They first return to discuss Episode 301 where Rosaria Butterfield was interviewed about her new book Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age. As Kyle and Scott decided to make a Mr. Bean quote the basis for winning a free copy, Barry reads the quotes and the other guys choose their two favorites. (Those listeners who submitted the winning quotes did have books sent to them!) From there, they discuss the fact that Kyle's wife will be having a baby soon, and he reveals the gender and even the name of their little one! Next on the list is a short section on the brouhaha regarding Alistair Begg, and a reference to another movie (Bobby Jones) makes it into the conversation. They then venture into the political realm a bit as they discuss the Texas border crisis and the standoff between the state and federal governments.

As stated, quite a range of topics on this episode! And, if that's not enough, as Scott tries to tie it all together with a Biff quote he has been building up to the whole time, he truly biffs it at the end!