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3GT Episode 306: Presbyterian Pastor-Making Ingredients

After conferring upon Barry another title and hearing what a good time he and Scott had together over the weekend, Kyle brings up another topic that shows the 3GTers are about all things Presbyterian. For they discuss the process of a man becoming a pastor through the presbytery. 

They explain what it means for a man to be taken under care by his presbytery. From there, the holy partnership of how a seminary theologically and practically develops a man and how the presbytery examines him is highlighted. Scott is then given a pop quiz on what are the first five exams in being licensed to preach and scores a 4/5 after the answer "cooking exam" is marked wrong. The different exams and their purpose, how the seminary and presbytery seek to work in tandem in taking a student through the process, and what it means to be licensed to preach are all discussed. Again, Scott is quizzed on the five exams in the next level of eligibility to receive a call and again scores a 4/5 when "basket weaving" is tossed out. Conversation occurs about experiencing the difficulty of students failing exams and presbyters making things difficult. After highlighting the process for ordination and installation, the episode ends by stressing how important guarding the ministry of the gospel is as presbyteries exercise due diligence in this regard.

If you want to know how Presbyterian pastors are made, be sure to tune into this episode of Three Guys Theologizing!