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3GT Episode 307: Delighting in the Lord on His Day

On this episode, the guys take up a topic submitted by a listener. However, before they do, the listener asks Kyle a question regarding BeReal. He acts as if this French app is better than Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook, but his explanation will leave you dubious.

They then get down to the true question at hand. Can a sincere Christian who loves football watch it on the Lord's Day? If not, how is that not legalism? Having waited until the NFL season and the Super Bowl are over, the 3GTers answer this question outside the heat of the moment. Kyle gives a history of how the NFL purposefully chose Sunday for its "special day" to air football games. From there, the guys speak of how the Lord's Day is to be consecrated unto the Lord and how exchanging the pleasure of football for heavenly blessings is a far better path. They offer many practical ways the day can be holy between and after its worship services, while sharing personal anecdotes of God's blessings they have experienced as they dedicated the day to Him.

Push the play button and enjoy yet another sanctifying episode of Thee Guys Theologizing!