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3GT Episode 309: A Century Worth Celebrating

The following episode is sponsored by Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

With the prosecuting parishioner away on trial, the pastor and professor handle this latest episode of 3GT. Given the significance of an event in the life of the seminary, Pastor Borg interviews President York regarding it.

In November 1923, the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America purchased the Horne Mansion located on Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh in order to house its denominational seminary. For the sum of $40,000, the Synod invested in this beautiful, well-built home to create a more permanent place for men to be trained in pastoral ministry. After preparing the mansion for the seminary, the next year (1924) classes began at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. For the past century, RPTS has continued to dwell in this spacious home.

On this episode, Barry shares this history and how housing the seminary in this building enhances the commitment of RPTS to create a theological family. Under the roof of what today is known as Rutherford Hall, RPTS offers its students the academic excellence, devotional piety, and practical training they need to serve the kingdom of God. Along the way, he explains some of the celebration events RPTS are doing to commemorate this history. In addition, he asks listeners to consider helping as it takes much more than the original sale price to keep the building in proper condition, as a $500,000 capital campaign is underway at this time to preserve, renew, and beautify Rutherford Hall.

We hope you will enjoy hearing of the fascinating history and ongoing ministry taking place at Rutherford Hall. If you would like to help with the 100 Years in Rutherford Hall campaign, please go to this site (be sure to select the 100 Years category as you do). As always, thank you for listening to Three Guys Theologizing!