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3GT Episode 311: Sending into Ministry

The boys are back! Yes, indeed, all three guys show up for this episode. After some banter that involves Scott and Kyle referencing old movies once again and making fun of Barry’s birdwatching, they get down to the business at hand. For they return again to the subject of ordination.

Treated in an episode long, long ago (see Episode 32), the 3GTers again explain what the practice of ordination is and then expand upon it. They explain the relationship of ordination to authority, as well as the correspondence between the congregation and courts of the church wit respect to this subject. The biblical pattern of being sent and how ordination represents that sending, rather than assuming it by one’s own volition, is discussed. The guys then focus on the office of elder and the distinction between those with a ruling eldership and a teaching eldership. They look at what body ordains ruling elders versus teaching elders, and delineate the difference and functionality between the two positions while maintaining the quality of authority in them.

As they conclude, they cannot help themselves as Kyle relates Scott’s work as a ruling elder back to a movie. Surprisingly, even Barry gets into the action. Join us for another action-packed episode of Three Guys Theologizing (3GT)!