/ Gentle Reformation

3GT Episode 313: Disagreements in the Church

The boys start off talking about the pleasantry of mowing their lawns, which has nothing to do with this episode but is a continuation from the last one! Kyle gets the guys on track by sharing an anecdote that takes them to the subject at hand - church conflict. 

As Samuel Rutherford once said, there will always be disagreements in the church. To aid in thinking through how to handle them, the 3GTers utilize three stories of church struggles found in Acts 15-16.  From the Biblical witness, they discuss the different types of disagreements that can arise in the church, wrongful approaches to dealing with them, and proper ways of addressing them.

Sadly, believers will always have to deal with issues of conflict in their congregations and denominations. But being prepared for them is important in working through disagreements. So tune in to this episode of 3GT for a little help!