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3GT Episode 314: Worthy!

In this episode of Three Guys Theologizing, the gentlemen welcome back Pastor Nathan Eshelman as their guest. Nathan has authored another book in the Grassmarket Press series, entitled Worthy. They interview him about his book on worship.

As Nathan reminds us, the word "worship" is based on the word "worthy." The Triune God is worthy of our praise and honor. But therein lies the rub. How is God to be praised and honored in worship? Man's ideas and imaginations about this subject are nothing short of idolatry. As Nathan reminds us, for God to be worshipped properly we must follow his clear directives in Scripture, which his book explains plainly and practically as being centered on Christ. As our worship here on earth is preparing us to spend an eternity with God, what importance it has!

Listen to this episode to hear more about the book Worthy and how you can win a free copy!