Brad Johnston

Brad Johnston began teaching and mentoring at TRPC in July 2010. A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Pastor Brad has studied overseas (Israel and Scotland), holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Education from Crossroads Bible College, and a Master of Divinity degree from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Before coming to Topeka, he served as pastor of the Walton Reformed Presbyterian Church in upstate New York.

The Lord has given Pastor Brad a deep love for Jesus Christ and his Gospel along with a zeal for ministry in the Church leading to a renewal of American culture. Prior to entering pastoral ministry, Pastor Brad worked as a newspaper journalist for the Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC), The Kokomo Tribune (Kokomo, IN), and the Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, IN). Pastor Brad currently serves as editor of the denomination’s Facebook page, and contributes regularly to the Reformed Presbyterian Witness.

In 2002 Brad married his beautiful wife Sue, and they currently have four children. During their years in Walton, New York, Pastor Brad led his church’s ministry to local 1st-5th graders, and began sponsorship of LifeFOCUS, a week-long intensive discipleship program aimed at high school seniors and college students.

“Our society has drifted far from the Biblical absolutes that made her strong. My passion is restoring the means of God’s grace – like the reading and preaching of God’s Holy Word, the ministry of intercessory prayer, and the Biblical sacraments – to prominence in the hearts and minds of God’s people. Christ’s church simply must be central.” ~ Pastor Brad