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3GT Episode 73: When Two Kingdoms Become One

Why would the 3GTers want to talk about the Democratic primary for the governor’s race in Texas? Because one candidate who is promoting a pro-choice position is an elder in a Reformed church, and other elders in his denomination are calling him to repent!

The guys use this situation to delve into the underlying theological currents that influence believers as they seek to live in the two kingdoms of state and church. Aaron, Barry, and Kyle seek to identify the factors that can cause one kingdom to engulf the other in the minds and lives of believers.

Join them for this wide-ranging “trialogue” on 3GT!


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Episode Notes:

An Open Letter to Andrew White | Todd Pruitt

Andrew White, Todd Pruitt and John the Baptist | Richard Phillips

3GT Episode 72: Hitting the Pause Button

Kyle’s been cruisin’ again. Did he really say he had been to the Copacabana? Progreso, Mexico? Anyway, it got the guys talking about R&R, vacations, sabbaths, and even sabbaticals.

Questions arise. How do you slow down and disconnect in this fast-paced world in which we live? What principles of rest do the Scriptures give us? How does our Lord’s example inform us? Should pastors take sabbaticals? If so, what kind and are there any hidden dangers that congregations should know about (there are!)? The 3GTers discuss these and many other items.

The guys simply want to help you hit the pause button – but just not on this episode!


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3GT Episode 70: Super Duper Sunday

The so-called Super Bowl Sunday is coming soon. But these three guys don’t seem too excited about it. Why?

Are they just nerdy mama’s boys? Partially. Fuddy-duddy Sabbatarians? Probably. Legalistic killjoys? Careful!

Just tune in and listen to why you might want to tune in and listen in a whole different way this coming Sunday!


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3GT Episode 69: The Sound of Silence

Now, for our most ironic episode yet. Yes, a podcast where we talk about being quiet!

With the digital age readily providing megaphones such as Facebook and Twitter to make our every thought known, believers should consider anew the Biblical wisdom regarding silence. The 3GTers point out how restless hearts create restless tongues. Meddling, self-inflation, failure to listen and other sources of this restlessness are discussed. The Lord’s examples of silence are explored. Practical words from Proverbs and James are given.

Please join us for another episode of 3GT!


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3GT Episode 68: Cyber Church Lite

No, we are not encouraging Kyle to start a multisite internet church! Rather, we draw upon the digital dexterity of Aaron, who flips classrooms with ease, to hear how congregations should (and in some cases should not) use the internet for their ministry. Drawing upon his experience in teaching a seminary class on the subject, Aaron schools us on social media, webpages, blogs and the like. He explains how much emphasis such things as aesthetics and theological content should have on a webpage, and delves into many other practicalities. But not before Kyle begins trying to recruit a cyber congregation!

Join us for another lively episode of 3GT!


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3GT Episode 66: Learning to Say “No”

Children learn how to say it pretty early. But when they grow up into busy Christian adults they seem to forget. How do we say “No” to good requests on our talents, time, and treasures when “Yes” seems so much easier?

As the three guys begin discussing this topic, one confesses he is a member of Yes Anonymous. Another has fun shouting “No!” But then they get down to business, and give conceptual ideas such as spheres, white space, and scales. They speak about how pride and a man-pleasing spirit fuels a lot of our over-busyness. They then share Biblical principles and look to Jesus for a paradigm. They talk about a few helpful books on the subject. Then they practice the art of “No”!

Hope you won’t say “No” to this energetic episode of 3GT!


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3GT Episode 65: #MeToo and What to Do

With the #metoo movement growing in momentum, causing the fall of many in power, the 3Gters wrestle with what to do when accusations arise. When men abuse their authority, we should rejoice when justice is served. Yet given that Satan is the father of lies, believers need to be cautious when charges are made. What principles should be followed? How are the weak protected? What type of policies should be in place in businesses and churches? How is compassion practiced in these situations? What do you do when false accusations arise?

Listen to this episode as serious questions like these are addressed!


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3GT Episode 64: Rewind (51, 52, 56, 59)

On this rewind episode, the 3GTers answer questions they received regarding past episodes. Millennial Aaron feels vindicated about electronic giving while Luddite Barry continues to struggle. While discussing again what constitutes plagiarism, Kyle has the audacity to do some freebooting for another podcast. Then Kyle shares the ins and outs of his Keto diet which somehow leads to a discussion about gluten-free communion bread. The guys conclude by responding to the demand of their listeners for a heresy trial.

It’s a 3GT potpourri! Be sure to tune in and listen!


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3GT Episode 63: little c catholicity

The Presbyterian pastor is confessional but wants also to be a little c catholic. In other words, how can you hold strongly to doctrines but also work with other professing Christians? The professor tries to help him with Al Mohler’s Theological Triage, but the pastor is not so sure. What if one person’s first-level is another’s third-level or vice versa? They try to sort things out, and when the parishioner jumps into the fray before you know it they’re discussing everything from the Trinity to headcoverings to the Sabbath. And when the pastor tries sliding in the idea of union, unity, and uniformity, is he just offering his own theological triage?

A helpful episode? Hopefully, but it is certainly an interesting one!


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3GT Episode 62: The Sanctification Scene

With the Christian blogosphere aflame once again, this time with discussions regarding justification and sanctification, the 3GT men join in the fray. With Aaron pumping the questions, and Kyle and Barry responding energetically, they discuss current controversies then tackle the latter subject of sanctification. Minus a morose morbidity, they meditate on mortification while with vim and vigor they verify their views on vivification!

Well, just listen to the podcast. This episode and subject is much clearer than what you just read!


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