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Rethinking Christian Calling

Many well-meaning Christians often want to baptize their aspirations and decisions with divine approval. It’s not uncommon to hear young people encouraged to figure out who, where, and what God might be “calling” them to. Consider three little anecdotal stories. John is talking with some friends when he confidently announces that he has met the girl he will marry. When asked how he can be certain he says God has called him to take her as his wife. Susie is getting ready to graduate high school and decides to go to a particular university. When asked why, she says God has called her to go to that school. Ben works as a plumber. When asked why he chose that profession he says God has called him to that work. Do you see the pattern?

While it may not gain me popularity points I want to rethink this common idea of God’s calling. Biblically, the call of God is used in reference to our salvation and to Apostolic office (see e.g. Romans 1:1 and 1 Corinthians 1:1). Foregoing the second of these, the Bible says we have been “called to belong to Jesus Christ” (Romans 1:6) and “called according to his purpose” […]

A Strange Grief

Though I have been through it before, and it’s coming was as sure as the seasons changing, I still was not able to fend off the sadness it brings.

I’m carrying around this strange grief because my bright, bouncy, beautiful daughter is no longer here, having been transported off to college last week.  We’ve come again to that stage that all Christian parenting is inevitably heading toward.  The child whose birth you witnessed, whose birthmarks you know, whose birthdays you celebrated, has moved out and will never live the same way under your roof again.

I know all the comforts that will be offered and even jokes that will be made, so do not bother writing them in the comment section.  I’m a little touchy right now. Besides, I’ve heard them already, be it from well-meaning friends or the hollow words rolling around in my own mind that I use to try to comfort myself.  Here’s how the mental battle goes: