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TGC Los Angeles Conference Q and A – D.A. Carson

I think it’s safe to say that nearly everyone has weighed in on N.T. Wright.  There are those who adore the man.  And there are, of course, those who always carry on their person a long coil of rope, so that in the event of a random encounter with the man, they would be prepared to conduct a lynching.

D.A. Carson’s opinion of Wright’s theology falls somewhere between the extremes.  During a recent Q and A session, Dr. Carson was asked about the New Perspective on Paul and N.T. Wright.  With insight and grace, Dr. Carson touched on the subject, pointing out what may very well be the central error in Wright’s theological perspective.

I leave you to judge whether this is so.

Difficulty: Moderate/Specialized

**Must Listen Factor: **Specialized. Only those familiar with the NPP and N.T. Wright should bother listening to this.

**Length: ** About 10 minutes.  Go to the 54 minute mark.  The question begins shortly thereafter.

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