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Desiring God Interview with Tim Keller

While situated in a black leather chair in the comfort of his living room, Pastor Tim Keller answers a host of questions about his life and latest book.  It’s an interesting hour and a half.  Everything from his conversion to his early ministry to the beginnings of Redeemer is discussed.  His mild manner and approachability are certainly evident throughout, which makes for a good listen.

In the second segment, which is approximately 45 minutes long, his newest book, “Generous Justice,” is taken up.  Issues including the nature of justice, social justice, and mercy ministry are unpacked with pastoral insight.  As a deacon, I’m very much interested in getting my hands on a copy.  I suspect many of you would likewise enjoy it as well.

Difficulty: This is easy listening, my friends.

Must Listen Factor: Tim Keller’s an influential figure.  He’s interesting, thought-provoking, and winsome.  Audio scavengers shouldn’t hesitate to download this one.  As for the rest, unless you’re interested in learning more about the man, your time could be better spent elsewhere.

Length: About an hour and a half.

To Download: Click picture for the first segment.  Click here for the second:  Link.