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Every now and then I like to post a list of links on a topic that has been threaded through my blog reading recently.  Here are some great articles on matters pertaining to family life.

Can I Love My Child Too Much? - Kim Shay helps us to see that sometimes our idols wiggle and have runny noses. (HT: David Murray)

D'Souza, Undset, and Picking What We Pick - A prominent Christian leader has found himself in the midst of a controversy regarding his marital faithfulness.  Without getting into all the details of this matter, this article uses an old novel to illustrate how sin can be its own worse consequence.

Morning Shimmers - I dared my wife to read this post without tearing up.  She failed.  So did I.

The Most Sexist Verse? - David Murray gives a plausible explanation of the meaning of Ecclesiastes 7:28 and in the process shows that the Bible confirms that  it is hard for men to understand women.

The Struggles and Hopes of a Disabled Dad - A beautifully written piece by a pastor seeing Christ triumph through his weakness. (HT: Tim Challies)

Reformation Heroes Today - Though perhaps a bit off topic, I could not help on Reformation Day to add this article by Rebecca VanDoodewaard on post-Luther Chinese reformers.  Treating our children to the stories of these men and women on this day would be no trick.

Barry York

Barry York

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