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_Gentle Reformation _had every intention of featuring our friend Rosaria Butterfield and promoting the wonderful story of her spiritual journey to Christ in the book _The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert.  _We even began arranging an interview with her and Pastor Ken Smith, who was the earthen vessel the Lord used to make Christ known to her.  However, we are still working on our technology here and were unable to conduct the audio interview we wanted.  We think some friends will be doing that interview soon, and we will make that known when it becomes available.

Rosaria's story is an amazing one.  The simple one-sentence summary is that a tenured English professor at a large university who was lecturing and writing on Queer Theory is now a Reformed Presbyterian preacher's wife.  Only by the grace of our Lord Jesus!  Her book tells this amazing journey, with her abilities to write with clarity, humor, gut-wrenching honesty - all the while avoiding sensationalism - on full display.  I especially believe the church needs to stand before the mirror of this book in self-evaluation by hearing her penetrating insights on ministering to the lost of our day.

So as the blogosphere is popping with references to Secret Thoughts, let this unintentional Johnny-come-lately jump on the bandwagon and point you to three resources that will acquaint you with it and help you to get to know Rosaria a bit better.

Carl Trueman - This is one of the better written reviews, as it not only gives insight into the book but explains why it is such a good read.

Tim Challies & David Murray - This half-hour audio interview with Rosaria is not only candid and warm-hearted, but shows what guys with some technological know-how can do!

Marvin Olasky recently interviewed Rosaria before students at Patrick Henry College.  Here is the video.


Barry York

Barry York

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