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Browse Worthy: Presidential Inauguration Controversy

Recently, an evangelical pastor named Louis Giglio withdrew from participating in the president's second inauguration ceremonies last week.  His reason?  Comments he had made against homosexuality, from a sermon preached fifteen to twenty years ago, set off a firestorm after pro-gay groups discovered  the message and used the internet bullhorn to make it known.

This incident has generated some excellent commentary from pastors.  Here are three of the best.

Albert Mohler - Not only does Dr. Mohler offer his typical clarity and insight as he uses this incident to warn us about our nation's increasing godlessness, he also has the best title hands down.

Joe Carter - He explains the situation thoroughly, echoes Russell Moore's warning (Guess I'm sneaking in a fourth article!) about how the government is in effect establishing a state church, and reminds us that one of our Lord's promises is that His followers will be hated.

Kevin DeYoung - This post is an excellent read as it shows Christians how to respond in a way that demonstrates that our true citizenship is in heaven.

Barry York

Barry York

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