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I agreed with David Murray a few months ago when he asked for a moratorium on speaking and posting about homosexuality.  I worked at actually practicing my own moratorium, seeking deliberately not to mention it automatically in writing or speaking as any easy target.  I did refer to it once recently, but that was to highlight a book that deals with a person's story regarding it.  However, even then I sought to be more careful in how I spoke about this subject.  No one probably noticed, since silence on a subject rarely is noticed and our culture's cacophony regarding it continues.

Today I wanted to lift this moratorium because of three articles worthy of your attention regarding it.  May they help us be both more loving and wise as this issue just doesn't go away.

Albert Mohler - This post gives insight into the recent policy change of the Boy Scouts.  In his typical lucid fashion, Dr. Mohler explains that the national Boy Scout Board's ruling to allow each local troop to decide whether to accommodate openly gay participants will not work.  "This capitulation and the abandonment of the B.S.A.’s longstanding policy will, in the end, please no one. The new policy is a half-measure that amounts to cowardly moral evasion. No group can remain divided on a question of such moral importance and urgency."

Denny Burk - Dan Cathy, owner of Chick-fil-a and professing Christian, has taken a great deal of heat in the homosexual community for his support of marriage as defined by the Bible.  He recently reached out to befriend Shane Windmeyer, a gay activist who was spearheading protests on college campuses against his restaurants.  This post tells of Windmeyer's surprising response to meeting Cathy.

Tim Challies - Many fall into the sin of homosexuality because they mistake it for freedom rather than slavery.  Here's a good reminder of what true freedom is and how we should be offering it to all.


Barry York

Barry York

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