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3GT Episode 6: Whistles, Sleepy Cats and Frothy-Mouthed Calvinists

Don't miss the latest installment of 3GT.  Here's a brief overview of what to expect:

"With renewed vigor, the men of 3GT re-engage the topic of the extent of the atonement (with Austin defending the universal side of particular atonement, Kyle a limited view of particular atonement).  Barry plays the role of referee, calling fouls and low blows. In the second segment, we talk about Austin's recent moving adventure to Pensacola.  Lastly, Barry raises the subject of variation in the body of Christ, drawing attention to Martin Bucer's work Concerning the True Care of Souls."  [But actually, that isn’t quite the end.  A brief moment of violence might just burst out at the end-end]



Extent of the atonement: Beginning - 29:14
Our moving experiences: 29:14-39:00
Variation in the Body of Christ: 39:00-Nearly the End
Violent ending? 1:00:55-End

[audio mp3="https://threeguystheologizing.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/3gt-episode-6.mp3"][/audio]