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Browse Worthy: Boning Up on Our Doctrine

Two of my favorite bloggers have done helpful series recently on doctrine. You would do well to sharpen your minds by reading these carefully written posts.

First, Kevin DeYoung reminds us of the five questions Francis Turretin asked in Institutes of Elenctic Theology regarding sanctification and good works. In the clear, readable style he's known for, Kevin interacts with Turretin and others in pinpointing the distinctions necessary to stay on the straight and narrow path of holiness.

Five Questions about Sanctification and Good Works: How Does Sanctification Differ from Justification?

Five Questions About Sanctification and Good Works: Can We Fulfill the Law Absolutely in this Life?

Five Questions about Sanctification and Good Works: Are Good Works Necessary to Salvation?

Five Questions about Sanctification and Good Works: Can Justified Believers Do that which is Truly Good?

Five Questions about Sanctification and Good Works: Do Good Works Merit Eternal Life?

Next, David Murray highlights important truths in understanding the system that is known as Calvinism in his series. With great clarity, David makes the careful distinctions necessary to prevent veering off into forms of Calvinism that are caricatures of it rather than its true representation.

There's More to Calvinism than the Five Points of Calvinism

There’s more to the doctrines of grace than THE doctrines of grace

Three Ways to Present the Doctrines of Grace

The Five Distortions of Calvinism

The Five Fruits of Calvinism

(With all the emphasis on the number five in both these series, I have to wonder if David will do one more. If so, I will gladly add it in! Note: He did, so it has been added.)

Barry York

Barry York

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