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Business For The Glory of God

Is God pleased with our owning things?
Is God pleased when we take materials from the earth and produce things?
Is God pleased when men employ others for work?
Is God pleased with commercial transaction?
Is God pleased with men making a profit?
Is God pleased with the idea of money?
Is God pleased with inequality of possessions?
Is God pleased with competition?
Is God pleased with borrowing and lending?

In his lecture “Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business,” Dr. Grudem answers each in the affirmative.  And he answers them, I might add, with pastoral care and biblical fidelity.  This is really helpful stuff.  If you’ve never thought through the basic tenets of capitalism, this deserves your time.  It will transform your thinking and give you a greater appreciation for the depth and relevancy of God’s Word.

Actually, the lecture listed above is the first of three related messages delivered at the 2010 Clarus Conference.  The others are equally as interesting and helpful.  Just consider their titles:

“Business Ethics: Working, Buying and Selling According to God’s Moral Standards.”

“The Bible’s Solution to World Poverty: 50 Factors within Nations that Determine their Wealth or Poverty.”

To download, go to this website.