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Psalm 77 to Auld Lang Syne

Many people sing Auld Lang Syne on New Year's Eve. For some years I have been singing a portion of Psalm 77 as a way to bring in the new year.

The following translation is based on the metrical translation found in the Book of Psalms for Singing (1973). May this very useful custom be brought into your home as you reflect on God's never failing grace in the midst of life's struggles.

And Happy New Year!

Psalm 77:7-15
Tune: Auld Lang Syne

Forever will the Lord cast off, show favor never more?
His steadfast love forever cease? His promise come no more?
Has God forgotten all His grace? Has his compassion gone?
Or can it be His mercies all, He has in wrath withdrawn?

Then I replied, Such questions show my own infirmity.
The firm right hand of Him Most High through years must changeless be.
The LORD’s deeds I remember will, your works of old recall.
I’ll ponder all which you have done and weigh your wonders all.

O God most holy is your way; what god is like our God?
O God of miracles, your strength, you have made known abroad.
You have redeemed your people all, the power of your arm shown.
Your people sons of Jacob are, and Joseph is your own.

Nathan Eshelman

Nathan Eshelman

Pastor in Orlando, studied at Puritan Reformed Theological & Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminaries. One of the chambermen on the podcast The Jerusalem Chamber. Married to Lydia with 5 children.

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