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I'm very happy to highly recommend the “for such a time as this” work and artistry of this sister in Christ.   Pastors and other Christian counselors take note:  If you want an experienced, empathetic, incisive, eye-opening and heart-enriching understanding of the broken, aimless hearts abounding in our culture, read Lacey Sturm’s _The Reason _  It's quietly iconoclastic in tearing down the shallow cultural assessments and pseudo-spiritual advice offered up by pop-Christianity’s baptized agnosticism, which glorifies brokenness and uncertainty (so long as they’re experienced in community) as the marks of authentic, honest faith.  And its heartfelt substance fleshes out answers so often left as stillborn theological theory by writing efforts which rightly promote truth and our ability to know it with certainty, but which present it dry and cold to the reader, giving the unintended impression that God has nothing full of life to say to generations reared on the belief that he's dead.      Lacey’s personal story of salvation connects profoundly to this young adult generation, as we had the blessing to experience at Geneva College this past fall.  Lacey gave her testimony in our weekly chapel service (scroll down to Oct. 21st, 2015), spent some quality time with a music business class in which she gave them an insider’s look at the industry from the perspective of a successful and recognized artist, and gave a stirring acoustic concert later that evening in the intimate setting of Geneva’s Skye Lounge. Currently, she’s playing shows in promotion of her new solo album _Life Screams. _

Please pray for Lacey, her husband Joshua and their two boys as their family through music and testimony continues to reach out to souls who’ve learned darkness and an addiction to sadness as a way of life, who need to know personally the grace, truth, and beauty of our Savior, who is the light of the world.

Rut Etheridge III

Rut Etheridge III

Husband to Evelyn; father to Isaiah, Callie, Calvin, Josiah, Sylvia. Pastor and Bible Prof. Loves the risen Christ, family, writing, the ocean, martial arts, Boston sports, coffee, and more coffee.

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