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A New Book Release- The Case for Utter Hopelessness: Why Atheism Leads to Unyielding Despair

My latest book is now available, and while I have never strongly encouraged people to read things I have written, I would encourage you to consider checking this one out. I think it fills an important niche and could prove quite helpful in a number of different situations.

It is entitled The Case for Utter Hopelessness: Why Atheism Leads to Unyielding Despair.  Yes, the contents are as warm and inviting as the title suggests.

Having spent a significant portion of my adult life wrestling with the claims of atheism, listening and interacting at length with secular unbelief, I wanted to write a book exploring the bitter implications of the worldview.

My contention is quite simple, and I mean this in all seriousness. If it could somehow be shown that atheism is true, I would kill myself. Why? Because life in a Godless reality is utterly hopeless. Meaning is lost in the black hole of pointlessness. Human dignity is sacrificed on the altar of bias. Ethics perish in the whimsical tides of human preference. Rational thought is maimed by unrelenting relativism. And hope is dashed on the rocks of eternal nothingness.

All of these points would force me to shoulder an emotional burden that I could not bear.

The book is designed to make readers grapple with worldview implications. In this respect, it is especially suited for the growing body of secular thinkers in our country. I want them to know and feel the weight of the consequences of their outlook. In the end, I do point them to Jesus.

For Christians it will sharply juxtapose light and darkness and provide a helpful framework for answering the empty promises of Godless secularism.

So, yes, it is a bit depressing, but evangelistic. It is jarring, but ultimately hopeful. And it is written with as much emotion as logic.

It is currently only available in paperback. Kindle will be coming down the road. But if anyone cannot afford the book, or if you want to read it but not spend the money (perhaps things are a tad tight), I would be extremely happy to pass along a PDF for free. Just contact me.

You can find it here on Amazon (or click picture):