/ Andrew Kerr

And the Word became Flesh...

The Word of God
...the Pre-Incarnate Logos
...the Eternal Son
...the outward expression of the inward purpose of God
...the One who always was God and was always with God
...the appointed Mediator
...the One by whom, for whom and through whom all things were created and do presently consist
...the One who in the form of God possessed every attribute and characteristic of deity that makes God divine
...the One who was omnipotent, omniscient, eternal, co-equal, all-wise, sovereign, transcendent, thrice holy and pure love
...became what He was not, the Word of God made Flesh

The Word of God became, irreversibly, forevermore, without mixture or confusion, through mysterious and miraculous conception, fully enfleshed God-Man
...this fully divine person took to Himself a whole, complete, entire, full, human nature not by compression, confusion, transmutation, metamorphosis, or subtraction, but by addition of manhood to divinity; so He became what he was not while remaining what he always was
...this man born Jesus of Nazareth remained One Person but now possessed Two Distinct Natures
...with a human mind, heart and will to love God with all His soul and his neighbor-creatures as Himself
...with a mind full of wisdom
...with a heart full of compassion
...with a will set on obedience
...with the face of a man to fix it like flint towards a cross
...with the bones and muscles that could tremble in the garden
...with skin that could be pierced
...with nerves that could feel nails
...with a tongue to thirst
...with a stomach to hunger
...with a voice to preach
...with eyes to weep
...with a body that was capable of getting tired or sleep
...with feet to climb the mountain where his knees would bend in prayer
...with hands to touch and heal the blind, lame, deaf and mute
...with intestines to feel butterflies as he looked upon lost sheep
...with sight to read the bible and a throat to sing the psalms
...with a mortal body in which to experience our woes and complete an unblemished life in conformity with the Law
...with flesh and blood able to suffer and experience fatality
...with the most pure, sensitive, soul that shuddered in horror at the anguish of the cup but was willing to submit and cried in anguish when forsaken in darkness by the Father - who also had
...a back to tear with whips
...a face to deform with fists
...a brow to wet with spit
...a beard to pluck in malice
...a head to crown with thorns
...a torso to cloak and parade and mock in purple
...a side a spear could pierce
...a cage of ribs that he could count & see stick out
...two shoulders to dislocate when all his bones were out of joint
...two lungs to suffocate and airways to gasp for breath
...a breast on which to bear His people and their guilt
...a figure to be stripped and left naked on a tree
...supported by His divinity with suffered hellish indignity

In that same human nature, now immortalized, He has risen from the dead, and ascended to God's right hand - Here, in the presence of God, He received His Mediatorial Glory which He ever owned as God but now possesses forever as God-Man.

Jesus the Glorified Word-made-Flesh

...is now exalted Mediator

...is now Lord of Glory

...is now enthroned, eternal, Priest-King Lamb, who ever lives to make intercession for the saints and to apply His purchased redemption and reconcile all things to Himself - all this is to the glory of His Father; all this is for the sake of God's elect!

...His rich wounds today are 'yet visible above in beauty glorified'

...His voice will say one day to His own 'enter into the joy of the Lord'

...His hand will wipe away every tear from his saints eyes

...One day soon all His enemies and ours will be put under His feet

...He will come on clouds with angels and every eye will see the Pierced One

So wonder, worship, thank and adore, while repenting and believing in the Word of God Made Flesh who has won Eternal Life!


Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr

Pastor of Ridgefield Park NJ (NYC Metro Area) - Husband of Hazel, Dad to Rebekah, Paul & Andrew, Father-in-Law to Matt, Loves Skiing, Dog Walking. Passionate for Old Testament - in Deep Need of Grace

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