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Christmas Morning Musings

The Lord's word regarding the Sabbath has other helpful applications. "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." Similarly, a blog is made for man, not man for a blog. Just sharing a few joys this morning before getting to the festivities.

Speaking of the Sabbath, yesterday morning the teenage great-grandson of J.G. Vos was baptized and professed his faith in Christ. When the session interviewed this young man, one of our older elders told him Dr. Vos had baptized him as a baby. Wonderful to see the Lord's covenant promises being fulfilled up and down generational trees!  

When family arrives later today, we will have four generations under roof as my wife's father and three of my grandchildren will be here. So humbled to see in my own family these same promises becoming more and more of a reality.

Yesterday morning we looked out the window and saw a white squirrel for the first time. You may be able to make him out in the photo below. I learned from this [fun video](https://youtu.be/8BfcCQ1Qq9Q) that he's not an albino (his eyes were dark, not pink), but is called a white morph as it is an Eastern grey squirrel with a different gene. As squirrels tend to disappear around here, in the Christmas spirit I chose to show grace to this one, name him Snowy, and give him access to my bird feeders.  

Thankful for time to lie down on the floor in front of a fire playing games for long hours with my two youngest kids, which I did on Saturday. But after the game I did discover the joy was temperedĀ  by trying to get up from the floor.

Indulge me as I relate one funny Christmas memory in closing.  
When my brother arrives this week, undoubtedly one of the stories we will laugh about will be the one about the Whizzers. We each got one for Christmas when I was around eight and he was about four. These mechanized, bulb-shaped tops revved up when you ran the rubber tipĀ repeatedly across the floor then let them go to watch them spin crazily across the floor.  
Of course, soon after receiving them, when we were playing alone, I told him to rev his up and stick it in his hair, which he obediently did. Immediately he started to cry as his hair was pulled quickly and got tangled tight into the top. Then he stopped crying and laughed with me as he realized the top was stuck. Of course, I then told him to just pull the Whizzer hard to get it out, which he obediently did. But he started crying again from the pain because a plug of hair came out with the top. Then he started laughing again with me as we looked at the plug of hair. Then I discovered he had a perfect, quarter-size bald spot right on the top of his head. My brother started crying again. Moments later, I joined him when my parents discovered what I had done.  
What makes this story so funny today is that the bald spots on both our heads have grown much larger than a quarter.  
Barry York

Barry York

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