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Browse Worthy: Edifying Posts

Usually my "Browse Worthy" posts are united by a topical theme from posts I've read over a period of time. Not so much today. Admittedly, "edifying" is a large catchall!

Memorial Service | R.C. Sproul

This service glorified the Lord even as it reminds us of how He is pleased to work through His servants. of which Dr. Sproul was a great one. I appreciated the emphasis on both God's holiness and R.C.'s warmth as a person.

The 100 Most Influential Evangelicals in America | Tim Challies

No, Tim did not generate this list but responds to Newsmax's column with this title. R.C. Sproul is one rightly included on it, but as Tim points such a list including also heretics and Catholics shows the word "evangelical" has lost its meaning in the modern American mind.

The Lawmaker Made Under the Law to Save Lawbreakers | David Murray

I appreciated reading even this morning David's clear summary of the law, Christ's relationship to it, and our consequent relationship with it given our union with Jesus.

Why Saying "She's Just a Friend" is an Insult | Aimee Byrd

The perspective in this article by Aimee is a needed one. Men and women can have healthy, dynamic, loving brother and sister relationships in the body of Christ. I look forward to her book coming out on this subject.

He Will Restore Your Soul | Jon Bloom

This article relating Psalms 22 and 23 blessed my soul. Trust it will do the same for yours.


Barry York

Barry York

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