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3GT Episode 88: The Apostolic Ministry of Planting Churches

Though they are still 3GT minus one, the shepherds have sought and found another parishioner who is willing to be on the podcast with them! However, you will have to wait another episode or two to find out who he is.

In the meantime, Kyle and Barry dig into a major theme of the book of Acts, which is the planting of new churches. After Kyle recovers from finding out how long it took for Barry to hear the song "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys, Kyle then peppers Barry with questions about his experience in church planting and main lessons he teaches in classes on those subject. From the emphasis on evangelism to the qualities of core groups to the simple need for more churches to the wrong reasons for church planting, the guys discuss many issues regarding the starting of new churches.

So "get there fast and then take it slow," for 3GT "that's where you wanna go!"


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(And just in case you are a nerd like Barry and have not heard Kokomo by the Beach boys, go here :).

Barry York

Barry York

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