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3GT Episode 95: Being Friends with Aimee Byrd

Yes, a gal joins the guys on this latest episode! Aimee Byrd, co-host of the Mortification of Spin podcast, comes on 3GT to discuss her latest book Why Can't We Be Friends? regarding friendships between men and women.

In our modern context, on the one hand society constantly and boldly sexualizes both our identity and relationships as men and women. On the other hand, the evangelical church often responds to the pressure in a one-dimensional fashion with separation policies like the Billy Graham/Mike Pence Rule. Without necessarily bashing said rule, Aimee discusses with the men our theological and redemptive identity as brothers and sisters in Christ. She offers practical wisdom on how to cultivate holy and healthy relationships with one another.

And yes, we are aware of some of the critical - and even nasty - reviews by some of the tough guys out in Blogoworld. If only they would learn to behave in a more gentlemanly-like manner!

Tune in and listen - you could even win a free copy of Aimee's book!


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Barry York

Barry York

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