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3GT Episode 133: 2K Vs. CMK Theology - Interview with Dr. Richard Gamble

After a brief hiatus, the boys are back ready to rumble.  And for this episode, they have added a fourth guy to help them do so.

Dr. Richard Gamble is Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, author of The Whole Counsel of God, and (importantly for this episode) a black belt in karate. He joins the 3GTers to answer a question from a listener. What is two kingdom (2K) theology, and how does it relate to the theological perspective of Christ's mediatorial kingdom (CMK)?

Dr. Gamble warms up by tracing the teaching of the two kingdoms from Augustine to Luther. He then strikes by showing some key distinctions between classical and modern 2K theology. From there, Rick defends the mediatorial kingship of Christ, and then counters 2K with explaining how CMK is a better expression of the Westminster standards and the Scriptures themselves. The episode concludes with the practical outworking of each of these theological perspectives, with CMK's hand clearly lifted as the winner.

Tune in for some controlled yet vigorous exercise on this episode of 3GT!


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Barry York

Barry York

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