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3GT Episode 136: Blah-Blah-Blogging

Scott is not what you would call a real connoisseur of blogs. So he starts firing questions at the other two theologizing guys about why they blog.

He begins by asking the guys questions that could deflate their enthusiasm a bit. Did they know they are just doing the zine-ing of a former generation?  With so many blogs (he gives statistics!), why add to the number? Just what are they trying to accomplish anyway?

But Kyle and Barry parry with him a bit. They remind their friendly parishioner that before zine-ing there were tract wars. The prof and pastor talk about the ability that blogging gives to get the Word of God out, and to sharpen theirs and others' thinking. They admit there are failings and dangers in blogging, but there are also principles to follow and blessings that come from it.

The episode ends with Scott admitting he does read their blog, but his all-time favorite post surprises them. Tune into this episode of 3GT and enjoy this lively discussion!


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Barry York

Barry York

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