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Songs for the Summer

Just a quick post before I head off, God willing, to Lake Garda, in Lombardy, Italy, on the edge of the Dolomites, near Verona - praying for some joyful R & R with family.

I was asking my wife this evening to add a few songs to her playlist - it's a favorite part of our trips together to sing and sway to music as we journey from the airport.

Some songs, however, won't feature on the playlist: I'll pack them, nonetheless, and attempt to hold them close - that was the hint I took from a quote I came across!

I found it in a really helpful book on Old Testament preaching by DeRouchie: on p.63, in his section on the Psalter, he urges believers to make Psalms our own songs:

A Christian approach to the Psalter demands that we read the whole as messianic music, whether as songs "by Christ" or "about Christ." And insofar as we identify ourselves with this Anointed One, His prayers become our prayers and His music our music - How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament - Jason S. DeRouchie, P & R.

So if you happen to be in Italy next week, and hear a voice that sounds like a half-strangled set of bagpipes (yes, that bad!), it'll possibly be me - I hope it won't disturb!

Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr

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