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"After Further Review ..."

I'm humbled and honored to share the first in-depth review of my recently published book, God Breathed:  Connecting through Scripture to God, Others, the Natural World, and Yourself (Pittsburgh: Crown and Covenant). This review comes from Laura Cerbus, a fellow teacher and a writer on theological and practical topics, with the particular focus of demonstrating that the latter is bound up in and required by the former. You can read her deeply considered, artfully articulated work at Velvet Ashes - blogs written to spiritually encourage women who work overseas (Laura and her family moved relatively recently from the States to Australia).  And here's what is certainly her masterpiece - kidding, Laura! - her review of my book.  She wrote it for a wonderful blog entitled "Servants of Grace."  

And also, I'm up next on the podcast Mortification of Spin. Because God is not bound by time, you can pray that I will have sounded good on that recording for the time of the official airing.  Please do pray for all these publications and podcasts, as they aim to strengthen hearts in the grace of the living Christ.  Many thanks!

Rut Etheridge III

Rut Etheridge III

Husband to Evelyn; father to Isaiah, Callie, Calvin, Josiah, Sylvia. Pastor and Bible Prof. Loves the risen Christ, family, writing, the ocean, martial arts, Boston sports, coffee, and more coffee.

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