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3GT Episode 163: Hodge on Hebrews with Bill VanDoodewaard

Deep within the bowels of the library of Princeton Seminary, with his Indiana Jones fedora firmly upon his brow, Dr. Bill VanDoodewaard pulled out yet another archival box. He blew the dust off and lifted the top. Underneath the glow of the singular light bulb hanging above, his eyes widened. His trembling hands reached in and pulled out the treasured manuscript that had lain dormant for decades. Hearing a noise, he glanced furtively around to make sure no one else was watching him. Assured he was alone, the doctor's gaze returned to the papers and his lips began moving silently as he read...

Well, it did not happen quite like that. But almost! For Bill VanDoodewaard, Professor of Church History at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, did discover Charles Hodge's exegetical notes and sermons on Hebrews. So the 3GTers, good friends with the good doctor, invited him on the podcast to tell the story that led to Banner of Truth publishing Hodge's Exegetical Lectures and Sermons on Hebrews. We learn about Charles Hodge, his ministry, the process Bill undertook in editing the book, some of Hodge's insights into Hebrews, and how he taught and preached its glorious truths.

So listen and discover along with us this fascinating story and wonderful resource for the church! And learn how you could possibly win a free copy of the treasured manuscript!


Barry York

Barry York

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