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3GT Episode 212: Using Imprecatory Psalms in the Church

The gents are Kyle-less in this episode. Either he is celebrating his wife's birthday or, as the lawyer suspects, preparing for his delayed court case regarding his hound. After offering the city of Winchester convincing evidence of Kyle's guilt, Scott and Barry press on with the topic of the day. How is the church to use the imprecatory psalms?

After defining what these psalms are and giving some examples, the 3GTers minus one tackle this thorny issue. They show how these psalms that call heaven's curses down are not prayers of personal vendettas, but rather petitions to God to judge the wicked. The false theology that denounces these psalms is addressed. Their kingdom-centered nature is highlighted. Their Biblical use, even in the New Testament, is given. The need for the modern church, grown soft in its comfortable idolatry, to rediscover them is noted. Then, as is customary at 3GT, the episode ends with some practical ways the imprecatory psalms can be employed in the church, especially in this angry age.

This episode will help you grow in the prayer language of the Holy Spirit! So stop protesting on the streets or on social media and tune into this episode of Three Guys Theologizing!

(Note: Several of the points Barry made regarding the imprecatory psalms were drawn from the excellent book on this subject The War Psalms of the Prince of Peace by James Adams. Go here to purchase a copy.)


Barry York

Barry York

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