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The Pursuit of Christ

This past Friday evening and Saturday morning, I had the privilege along with three of my colleagues at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary to participate in a conference at Gospel Fellowship Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Valencia, PA. The pastor of the congregation, my friend Dr. Matthew Everhard, invited us to speak along with himself and other pastors on the theme "The Pursuit of Christ."

The Lord blessed our time as His Spirit drew attendees from near and at a distance, granting them attentive ears, engaged minds, and eager conversation as they listened to and interacted over the messages. I personally was greatly blessed being with God's people during this time.

The Gospel Fellowship congregation has made the talks available on YouTube. Below are the videos for those who would like to hear the messages.

Reclaiming a Reformed Demonology | Keith Evans

Lessons from Pilgrim's Progess | Jeff Stivason

The Pursuit of Joy: Experience and Treatment of Depression from a Puritan Diary | David Whitla

The Pursuit of Godliness: The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards | Matthew Everhard

How Christ's Resurrection Guarantees a Faithful Generation | David O'Leary

Reading the Bible Like a Puritan | Jared Nelson

The Pursuit of the Gentleness of Christ | Barry York

Barry York

Barry York

Sinner by Nature - Saved by Grace. Husband of Miriam - Grateful for Privilege. Father of Six - Blessed by God. President of RPTS - Serve with Thankfulness. Author - Hitting the Marks.

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