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Episode 245: The PCA, Prime Numbers, & NP

With the pastor still absent, the parishioner and professor bring on another preacher to fill in. For Lee Hutchings, pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in North Canton, Ohio, joins the boys to discuss matters in his denomination of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Primarily, they discuss the prime numbers of 23 and 37. For two overtures with these numbers currently have the attention of the entire denomination. Lee explains what overtures are and how they work in the PCA. He then helps the listener understand why the PCA is voting on language and procedures that would prevent those with homosexual orientation from being ordained. He also  updates listeners to the status of where things are currently in the voting.

From there, this episode turns to the organization within the PCA known as the National Partnership. The guys describe how recently published emails show their "secret society" type operations and how working in secret is contrary living in the light as encouraged by Scripture. Questions are then asked of Lee about another PCA organization called the Gospel Reformation Network and what distinguishes it from the National Partnership.

You will find this episode fascinating and even rollicking at points! So be sure to tune in and hear how the Lord is at work in this branch of His church!


Barry York

Barry York

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