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3GT Episode 259: Preaching Duty

With their tumultuous schedules finally colliding together, all three guys are back for this episode! After congratulating Scott again for his election victory, the 3GTers get to the subject at hand as they address preaching duty.

By this topic, they do not speak of the duty of preaching. Rather, they discuss the importance in preaching of making clear to the congregation the response God's people are supposed to make to His Word. The parishioner and pastor describe numerous influences as to why preachers are hesitant to preach duty to their people. They mention such things as a reaction against fundamentalism, an emphasis on justification to the exclusion of sanctification, and a push to make every sermon redemptive-historical in nature. From there, the guys then show how Biblical sermons demonstrate a high expectation of a dutiful response from the hearers and how Reformed theology support this approach. They then become even more specific, speaking about how preaching duty is to be practiced and how applications are to be made.

This episode could help you be a better sermon preparer or listener - what could be more important than that? So be sure to listen to this episode, and be sure to listen for our special guest at the very end of the podcast!


Barry York

Barry York

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