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3GT Episode 267: Church on Apps

Scott starts this episode with gusto and even receives a compliment from Kyle. But as he continues on, the normal order is quickly restored as Kyle gets his digs in.

For this week's 3GT offering is on the church's use of social media , and Scott needs a little help. He asks for the different types of digital platforms and Kyle gives him the run down. As the discussion moves to justification for the church to use such programs, Biblical and historical rationale is offered. The guys then talk about the plusses and minuses of app usage by the church. They warn about the dangers they have observed as the church and its personalities live on social media, and even the need in some places to "pluck out the (digital) eye." Yet they stop short of offering a Luddite approach to this issue and theologize about how to use God's gift of technological tools to His glory.

So, yes, open your favorite podcast app and tune into another rousing episode of Three Guys Theologizing!