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3GT Episode 290: (Local) Church and (Local) State

Often discussions about church and state are of the big picture variety. Theological debates about Christ's rule over the nations. Arguments over the boundaries of ecclesiastical and governmental authority. Opinions about supporting and voting for candidates in federal elections. But what about some practical ways a local church can be involved in its local government?

To help answer that question, 3GT turned to its own cohost, Scott Hunt, and then invited Pastor Jason Camery to join us. Scott and Jason serve on the same session together in Marion, Indiana, but are also both deeply involved in their local government. Scott, as our regular listeners will know, serves as the Prosecutor of Grant County. Recently, Jason, who still serves as a teaching elder in the church, was appointed by the Sheriff to be a Captain and serve as the Detention Director of the Grant County Jail.

Jason and Scott both discuss their journey, which has many mutual touchpoints, on their way to entering these positions. From there, they share how their faith in Christ affects their service in the local government and some of the incredible opportunities they have had. The guys talk about the Biblical duty to be salt and light in our communities and the proper relationship Christians should have with the government.  They conclude with other practical ways the church can be involved in ministering to those who are civil ministers of justice.

So tune into this insightful episode of Three Guys Theologizing!