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3GT Episode 291: Christians and Wealth

As the three amigos / three musketeers / three stooges (You choose one!) are back together again, they respond to a question from a regular listener. What are Christians who have earthly riches to do?

So they have a discussion regarding wealth. They seek to define it and note how wealth is often defined in how much one has in relationship to others. They speak to the right of private ownership and voluntary use of one's wealth versus political and ecclesiastical systems where distribution of resources are coerced. The guys reference Scriptural warnings regarding wealth, noting how its lust, injustice, and misuse that's condemned rather than possession itself. They then offer positive ways the Lord desires believers to view and use the wealth He has given, making a special reference to training children in this regard.

Though you will not get any Dave Ramsey or (for you older listeners) Larry Burkett type of advice here, you may find some help in remembering how the Lord wants you to treat your earthly mammon. So tune into this latest edition of 3GT!