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3GT Episode 301: Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age with Rosaria Butterfield

Though down a professor, the parishioner and pastor bring on another one far more renowned. For Dr. Rosaria Butterfield, author of Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age, comes onto 3GT to discuss her new book. Well, at least she does once someone else's book gets out of the way!

After introducing herself and reminding listeners of her testimony (you can hear her story here or read it here), Rosaria explains three reasons for writing her new book, which has to do with her involvement in the broad evangelical world and her concerns regarding it. First, the evangelical church, which eschews the Old Testament to its detriment, fails to see that the seeds of the gospel are in the garden with Adam as they deny his historical reality and consequently lose the power to speak to issues directly tied to him. Second, the church does not realize what time it is historically speaking, as the flood of pro-homosexual and pro-transgender legislation and movements are overrunning our world while the church continues to play nice. Third, the church is ill-equipped to fight the spiritual battles waging now as it fails to confront the world's lies with hard truth spoken in true love.

Rosaria then explains what the five lies are that the church is failing to address properly. Those lies are: Homosexuality is normal. Paganism is kind. Feminism is good. Transgenderism is normal. Modesty is outdated. She then explains how she - and the modern evangelical church - must choose a life of repentance and boldness that has the gospel protection of the following generations in view. As parents allow their children to be subject to educational systems normalizing evil sins or to even be mutilated to change sex, it's time for the church to find her prophetic voice even if the world hates us. Like Deborah of old, Rosaria is calling the church to battle to that end.

This episode may make you angry. That's fine, as long as it leads to repentance over the church's sin of fake niceness in the face of profound evil. So listen, get stirred up, and ask the Lord's Spirit to strengthen His church. You can also listen to see how you might win a free copy of her book.