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Fear in Sharing Your Faith

Ever felt like faith is something private? What if I told you your faith was meant to be shared? In Matthew 28:19, Jesus commands us to "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations." This isn't just a suggestion—it's a command for all believers. But what does it really mean to "go"? How can we live out the Great Commission in our daily lives?

Understanding the Command:

When Jesus tells us to "go," He’s calling us to take action. We are commanded to step out of our comfort zones and engage with others about our faith. The disciples transitioned from apprentices to apostles. Jesus chose and sent out the Apostles. They had a special office. However, the Great Commission did not stop with them. Disciples making disciples is the pattern seen throughout the New Testament. Now it’s our turn to do the same. We must go.

Breaking Cultural Norms:

In many parts of the world, talking about faith is as normal as discussing the weather. A missionary once told me that in the country they live in people will ask about your religion before they ask your name. But here in the West, there's a cultural reluctance to bring up religion. We need to break this silence. Jesus’ command to go isn’t constrained by cultural norms—it transcends them. We must be emboldened by the power of the Holy Spirit to tell others the good news of Jesus Christ.

Simple Steps to Share Faith:

You don’t need to be a seasoned evangelist to share your faith. Here are some simple steps:

  • Start Conversations Naturally: Look for opportunities in your everyday interactions. A kind word or a thoughtful question can open the door.
  • Build Genuine Relationships: Invest in the people around you. Show them you care about their whole lives, body and soul.
  • Invite Friends to Church: Sometimes, a simple invitation is all it takes for someone to explore faith.
  • Learn to Share the Gospel: Resources like "2 Ways to Live" or this short video explaining the gospel with one Bible verse can be helpful.

Real-Life Examples:

Many believe that only missionaries or trained evangelists share their faith, but ordinary people do it too. I have a friend who operates a business in a closed country. He employs non-Christians, pays them fair wages, and shares Jesus with them regularly. I know other missionaries teaching STEM classes in closed nations, using their skills as a platform to share the Gospel. A doctor in our congregation regularly prays for his patients and shares the gospel as he cares for their physical and mental health. An elderly woman in our church regularly asks her waiters if they know Jesus. A man in our congregation purposely befriends non-Christians to talk with them about the gospel and invite them to church. My boss on the ship shared the good news of Jesus Christ with me when I was in the pit of despair because of my sinful choices. These individuals have embraced the call to go. Will you?

Most Christians feel anxiety and nervousness about sharing their faith. That is normal. A famous evangelist, despite having thousands of gospel conversations, says he drags his heels every time but always returns joyful. Adapting your approach to your unique circumstances is key. You may never feel fully prepared. There may always be a low level of fear. Be strong and courageous. Go, make disciples of all nations.


Remember, Jesus promised to be with us always (Matthew 28:20). We are not alone in this mission. The Holy Spirit empowers us to be bold and provides the guidance we need.


Are you ready to break the silence and share your faith? Start today. Whether it’s with a neighbor, a coworker, or someone in your family, take that first step. You are not alone.

If you want more resources, in-depth information, or training you can check out the Evangelism Seminar done by Mark Spence from Living Waters Ministry that was hosted by Sharon RP Church.

Bryan Schneider

Bryan Schneider

Husband to Olivia. Father of Nathan, Deborah, Daniel, & Ellie. Blessed to serve Sharon RP Church (sharonrpc.org). Loving Rural life.

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